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Roll of Soul Roll of Soul
Roll of Soul
by Alex B. Smith
White Rice, Chicken Teriyaki & Cucumber with Asian BBQ Sauce
The Landlubber The Landlubber
The Landlubber
by Sco Holm
BrownRice, Sesame Seed, Beef Tataki, Cilantro, Jalapeños, topped with Tempura Crunch and Asian BBQ
The Vegan Firecracker The Vegan Firecracker
The Vegan Firecracker
by Aaron Blowers
White rice with black sesame seeds, jalapeño, mango, carrot, asparagus, and avocado, topped with screaming thai, mango habanero, fried onions, and crushed wasabi peas.
Flaming Death Flaming Death
Flaming Death
by Alex Marth
White rice, sesame seeds, poached lobster tail, mango, jalapeño, and carrot, topped with fried onion and the screaming thai sauce.
The Cthulhu The Cthulhu
The Cthulhu
by Willie Hertenstein
White rice, sesame seeds, snow crab, jalapeños, cream cheese, and roasted red pepper, topped with fried onions and roasted red pepper chipotle sauce.